Attaching a signed, printed label to a creation or collectible provides reassurance to buyers in two important ways:

  • It establishes a link between the physical object and its digital certificate

  • It allows you to sign the work in a way that your signature can be verified

These signals give buyers confidence in the authenticity of the creation or collectible you are selling and demonstrate your professionalism as the creator or seller. Labels are available on all our paid plans.

Generate a label

1. Log into your Verisart account

2. Go to your dashboard and find the certificate you want to download a label for

3. Click the download icon on the certificate card

4. Select 'Label'

5. This triggers a PDF download of a single sheet with 2 labels

1. Open the PDF file you downloaded

2. Insert a blank sheet of self-adhesive address labels

The PDF file with the labels is designed to work for standard US and European paper sizes.

3. Print the labels

There are 2 labels on the sheet, one with your digital signature and one with a blank label.

4. Sign the label

If you choose the blank label, add your wet ink signature

5. Attach the label to the back of the creation or in a secure location

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