How to create a Certified NFT
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All NFTs minted through Verisart or our Shopify App come with an integrated Certificate of Authenticity. The following process only applies to NFTs you plan to mint on other platforms.

Why certify my NFT?

Certifying your NFT can help you:

  • Prove you are the creator of the work and create trustworthy listings on any marketplace

  • Tell the story of the work by adding additional information through audio, video, images, notes and other files

  • Track all your listings for different marketplaces in one place

  • Maintain a stable, accurate record even when NFTs change hands

  • Reward collectors with exclusive content only they can unlock

Creating Certified NFTs

To create a Verisart Certified NFT you must include the certificate URL in the NFT creation description when you mint it.

Only works for unique works and not editions.


This is a multi-step process that begins before you mint your NFT.

  1. Create a certificate before minting

  2. Mint your NFT and add the certificate URL to the creation description

  3. Add on-chain information to your certificate

Create a certificate before minting

  • Select 'digital' as object type

  • Enter certificate details and any additional files. Learn more

  • Leave the 'Edition section' blank as certificates for editions cannot be edited

  • Save certificate

Mint your NFT and add the certificate URL to the creation description

Show that your NFT is certified by including your certificate link in the creation description in the following format: Verisart Certified: [Your unique certificate URL]

  • Mint the NFT on a supported NFT platform (Foundation, Known Origin, Makersplace, Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare). See example of a Certified NFT.

Add on-chain information to your certificate

After your NFT is minted update the certificate to include the on-chain information. You need to do this before you set the work for auction.

You can only create a certificate for an NFT if you are the owner of the NFT and have linked your wallet to your Verisart account. Some platforms put the work in an escrow account owned by the platform during the auction. This means your work will not be in your wallet and you won't be able to create a certificate for the NFT.

  • Change object type to 'NFT'

  • Enter the on-chain information for your NFT.

    Learn more about finding the on-chain information:

    • Minting platform

    • Contract Address

    • Token ID

    • Owner Address

  • Save your changes

  • Congratulations, you've made a Certified NFT!

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