• Go to the Products tab

  • You'll notice two things:

    • The number of products in your Store should show as "Not certified"

    • Global certificate is off

  • To create certificates for products, select a Collection or an individual product from the list

  • Then click 'Mark as certified'

  • You should now see a green 'Certified' tag next to the Collection or product's name

If you sell products under a business name without an identified creator or maker then you're done.

If you're testing or trying out the App and you'd like to generate certificates some certificates right away, you can skip to Step 5 or even Step 6 and then come back to the earlier steps. Don't forget to delete test certificates once you've created them by logging in to Verisart.com with the email address you used to purchase them.

Adding a creator or maker to the product

If your products have an identified creator or maker, you'll need to assign their name to your products so it will appear on the certificates. Note that for this to work correctly and full Certificates of Authenticity to be created, you need to have completed Step 3 above. Once you've that's done, assign creators or makers to products on the Products tab.

  • Click on the product's title or select a product by ticking the box and click Edit Products

  • This brings up the Object Details form. Under the 'Basic' section you can select Creator. The creators linked to your account should be listed there. Choose the correct creator and Save the details.

Add details to make your certificates more complete

The Verisart App creates basic certificates using the information you've already provided to Shopify: The product's title, image and description. We strongly recommend that you provide additional details to make your certificates more complete. This will give your customers full confidence in the accuracy and authenticity of the certificate and their purchase.

You can add information to the certificate in 4 ways:

Object Details form

This is the easiest way to add additional information: Just complete the fields that appear in the Object Details form when you click on the title of the certificate. We recommend that you provide at least the information in the Basic and Extended panels.

Bulk Editor

To use this option and make it easier to add details for multiple products, select more than one product and then 'Edit Products'. This opens the bulk editor.

The Bulk Editor opens in a new tab. It allows you to easily enter all the required data. Please refer to our Shopify Metafield Guide for Verisart to ensure you are entering the data correctly. Don't forget to save before returning to the Verisart App in the other tab.

External metafields app

  • You can use the external app Matrixify to edit all your products' metafields at once and then import them into your catalog. (Shopify's default bulk import feature doesn't support metafields). If you're using Matrixify, the best approach is to:

    • Export your entire product list from Shopify

    • Edit the exported CSV file and add the columns required for Verisart certification

    • Add the missing data for the required columns, and where, necessary, the optional columns

    • Please refer to our Shopify Metafield Guide for Verisart to ensure you are entering the data correctly

    • If a product doesn't require an optional field, e.g., edition_volume or depth, then just leave the values for those products blank

    • When you've finished editing, use Matrixify to upload the CSV with metafields back into your store

    • Once the upload is complete, go to the Verisart App Products tab and Mark products for certification. This will trigger the validation check which will display a warning message if there are any issues with the data you've added.

Shopify API

If you're technical or have a developer building or supporting your store, then using the Shopify API to populate metafields is a great option. It means that you can programmatically populate the object details without having to manually enter data.

The main information you'll need is in the Shopify Metafield Guide for Verisart. If you have specific questions about the API option, get in touch with us at support@verisart.com.

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