We strongly recommend that you add information to make your certificates as complete as possible. This gives your customers confidence in the accuracy and authenticity of the certificate and their purchase.

Choosing the validation level on the Products tab shows you whether product meta fields meet the requirements. The value changes what displays in the Validation column in the table.

This column is informational only. Whether the product passes validation or not doesn't affect whether the product will be marked as certified. As long as Basic requirements are met (title and image) then a certificate will always be generated regardless of whether validation has passed or not.

  • Not valid: A certificate will not be issued

  • Needs review: The certificate does not meet the requirements for the desired validation level

Three levels of validation levels

There are 3 validation levels: Basic, Recommended and Extended. Basic is the default. Certificates will almost always meet this level which only requires a title and image (we use the values you entered when adding the product to your Shopify catalog).


Creates a certificate using the information provided on the Shopify product listing

  • Artist/Creator (If the products you're selling have an identified artist, creator or maker, then you'll need to link them to your Store's account. This ensures that your certificates clearly show the maker's name.)

  • Title

  • Image

  • Description (automatically included if present on the product in Shopify)


Requires additional information to be provided by editing the object details

Everything in Basic and:

  • Object type

  • Medium

  • Production Year

  • Dimensions


Requires additional information to be provided by editing the object details

Everything in Basic and Recommended and:

  • Production location

  • Current location

  • Inventory number

  • Note

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