After you've set up your products for certification, customers won't know which products come with certificates unless you add some messaging to your store. We strongly recommend this, as it allows you to benefit from the confidence that the Verisart name instills.

It's a simple 2-step process to install the pre-formatted snippets on your store templates. It's not difficult, but you should be familiar with Liquid templates and be aware of any customizations you've done when setting up your shop.

Install the snippets in your library

Go to the Dashboard of the Verisart App. You'll use the 'Show customers' widget to help you install the snippets in a few different places on your site.

(The snippets are named differently depending on where they appear on your site. Here, we're using the Verisart logo snippet as our example.)

Install the long-form snippets into your Liquid templating library. Do this by clicking the buttons "Add light logo snippet" or "Add dark logo snippet"

Light or dark snippet? Light snippets are for sites/themes with darker backgrounds and dark snippets are for sites/themes with lighter backgrounds. For example, if you're using the Debut starter theme with a white background then you would choose the dark snippet.

All of the snippets are prefixed by "Verisart" so you can easily see them in your library. This also ensures they won't overwrite any existing snippets with similar names. To view the snippets in your library once they've been added go to:

Online Store > Theme > Actions button > Edit Code > Scroll down to snippets

You'll see the Verisart snippets appear towards the bottom of the list because of how they are named.

Add shortcut into your code

To make the code contained in the snippets show up on your web pages, copy and paste the shortcut into your Liquid template.

Snippet example: {% render 'verisart-logo-light'%}

Select the shortcut line that references the snippet and copy it to your clipboard. Now go back to Edit Code under Themes and choose the correct template. In this example, we're installing the Verisart logo in the sitewide footer (footer.liquid), but you could display it in the header, homepage or somewhere else, it's up to you.

To ensure that the customers see the messaging about the certificates at each step of their purchase journey, you need to add all 5 snippets shown in the dashboard widget.

  • Verisart certified

  • Product page

  • Cart

  • Order confirmation email

  • Order confirmation screen

I can't find where to paste the snippet

The code varies depending on the theme and we are working on updating the instructions to cater to a wider variety of themes.

For some themes, your code for the cart page may look different. If you can't find:

{% form 'product', product, class:form_classes, novalidate: 'novalidate', data-product-form: '' %}

We recommend searching the code for "% form 'product'".

You should be able to find a line of code that looks something like this: {% form 'product', ... %} and paste the snippet underneath.

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