Verisart lets you mint NFTs and set for sale multiple marketplaces.

Selling on OpenSea

Listing for sale through Verisart

Verisart allows you to easily set your work for sale on OpenSea. There are two methods of selling you can choose from.

1. Set price - set a fixed price for your work.

  • The work be sold when a collector purchases the work at the set price

2. Timed auction

  • Set a starting price and end date and time

  • The starting price is the minimum bid amount

  • Timed auctions on OpenSea start immediately

When you are ready, hit 'List for sale'

If this is your first time listing for sale, you'll be asked to pay a few one-off transaction fees to enable your account and contract to list for sale on OpenSea.

Congratulations, you've listed your NFT for sale! Click on your work to view it on Opensea.

Listing for sale through OpenSea

You can also choose to set your work for sale directly through OpenSea. You'll have access to a few additional methods of selling with a declining price and setting reserve price.

Selling on Rarible

Listing for sale through Verisart - coming soon!

Listing for sale through Rarible

Your work will appear on Rarible after you mint it so you can choose to set it for sale on the Rarible marketplace. You can select from several methods of selling including:

  • Fixed-price

  • Timed auction

  • Open to bids

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