Custom contracts are available on our Premium and Business plans.

A custom contract provides one home for your NFTs or a specific project and establishes direct provenance from you to the collector. Each NFT will be minted with your branded token and you can configure your own royalties in OpenSea.

The gas fees for deploying your own custom contract generally cost around 0.2 - 0.5 ETH. Please note the price of deploying a custom contract can vary significantly due to gas fees fluctuating depending on the amount of activity on the blockchain at the time. We recommend checking gas fees before deploying the contract.

1. In the Minting form, under ‘Contract’, select ‘Custom contract’

2. Enter your Contract Name

This will be the name of your contract that appears on Etherscan and marketplaces.

3. Enter a contract symbol

This is your token identifier metadata to help you identify your NFT in Etherscan.

Note: You will not be able to change these 2 fields after your contract has been created on the blockchain.

These don’t need to be unique, someone can use the same name and contract symbol as your contract.

4. Add a description

Additional context to help you identify your custom contract. This information is not included on the blockchain.

5. Click ‘Create’

6. You’ll be asked to pay the transaction fee for the deployment of the contract and confirm the transaction on MetaMask

7. Success! Once the transaction has been confirmed you’ll see your new custom contract appear in the minting form, ready for you to mint from!

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