Here's a brief overview of how selling and minting NFTs works on Shopify.

Before you mint:

  • Verisart creates a managed minting wallet for you (if you are minting on Ethereum, you will need to fund this wallet with ETH)

  • Verisart creates a managed holding wallet (this wallet will hold the NFT until your customer claims it)

  • Verisart deploys your custom contract and your royalty split

Setting up products

  • Add NFT products to your Shopify store as you usually would

  • Add NFT information to your products through the Verisart app

  • Set the product live

Note: the Verisart App uses lazy minting, this means the NFT is only minted after it has been purchased.

Selling your NFTs

  • A customer buys your NFT

  • If you’ve chosen point-of-sale, the NFT gets minted from your managed minting wallet and transferred to a holding wallet.

  • If you've chosen point-of-fulfillment, then NFT gets minted when you mark it as fulfilled it in the Shopify orders dashboard.

  • As soon as the NFT is minted, the customer receives an email inviting them to view and claim their NFT.

  • The customer follows a link from the email to view the NFT on their personalized dashboard on your store.

  • They can “claim” the NFT by transferring it to their own wallet or leave it in the holding wallet and claim it later. They will continue to see their NFTs in the dashboard.

We've summarized the key Merchant steps in the video below:

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