Here's a brief overview of how selling and minting NFTs works on Shopify.

Before you mint:

  • Verisart creates a managed minting wallet for you (if you are minting on Ethereum, you will need to fund this wallet with ETH)

Setting up products

  • You create your own custom contract and royalty split

  • Add NFT products to your Shopify store as you usually would

  • Add NFT information to your products through the Verisart app

  • Set the product live

Note: the Verisart App uses lazy minting, this means the NFT is only minted after it has been purchased.

Selling your NFTs

  • A customer buys your NFT

  • The customer receives an email inviting them to claim their NFT.

  • The customer follows a link from the email to view the NFT on their personalized dashboard on your store.

  • They “claim” the NFT, which gets minted and transferred to their own wallet. They will continue to see their NFTs in the dashboard.

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