Once your first NFT has been minted, you'll need to configure the custom contract on OpenSea.

If you have deployed a custom contract, you NEED to configure your royalties on OpenSea to receive royalties from secondary sales that take place on the marketplace.

1. Log in to OpenSea

Connect to Metamask with the managed minting wallet created by Verisart (contact your account manager if you don't have access to it yet). Read our guide to MetaMask

Log in to OpenSea by connecting your managed minting wallet. Go to the top-right profile icon, and select 'Profile'.

You'll then be prompted to connect your wallet.

2. From your account, click on an NFT your wallet has minted

3. From the NFT page, click on your custom contract

Note: OpenSea refers to contracts as collections.

Go to any NFT you have minted, click on the contract name at the top.

4. To edit the custom contract, click on the pencil icon.

5. Configure your collection

You can add your own name, description, profile image, banner, website URL and more.

6. Add your royalties

Adjust the percentage fee field and include your royalty split address (you can find it in the Royalties section under the 'Settings' tab).

7. Hit save

Your royalties have been added!

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