You can add traits to describe your NFT and give it rarity levels. Below is an example of how traits for a BAYC NFT are displayed on OpenSea.

Each trait needs the following information:

  1. Trait Type: What is the trait? ex. Eyes, Background, Clothes etc.

  2. Value: Value of the trait. ex. Black, Purple, Tanktop

The rarity percentage is calculated automatically based on the number of NFTs in a contract that have a specific value.

For example, if you have minted 100 NFTs and 10 of them have blue eyes, the rarity percentage will automatically be calculated as 10%.

Adding traits to your NFT

Scroll down to the end of the NFT form to the 'Traits' section.

You will need to enter the traits in JSON format.

You should structure the data in the following format:

"trait_type": "Background",
"value": "Purple"
"trait_type": "Clothes",
"value": "Tanktop"

Verisart supports all the attributes included on OpenSea, to learn more about what else you can do with traits and attributes please refer to the OpenSea docs.

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