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Merchant minting wallet
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Verisart operates similarly on both Shopify and WooCommerce, with a comparable process and interface on each platform. Screenshots in this article may be from either platform, but the instructions are applicable to both.

If you use our Shopify or WooCommerce App to mint NFTs, we generate a 'minting wallet' for your store. NFTs are created using this wallet and transferred to your customers when they claim them from the NFT Dashboard.

What is the minting wallet for?

The minting wallet is like your store's address on the blockchain. When it is generated, the minting wallet is linked to a secure secret phrase. You are able to use this phrase to import the wallet in whichever non-custodial wallet you prefer, such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

  • If you're minting on Ethereum, you'll need to top it up with ETH to cover gas fees

  • If you're minting on Polygon, we'll top up your wallet automatically for you

  • You can use it to create an account on OpenSea to show customers that it's really you

🚨 Please note

Do not use the merchant minting wallet for storing large amounts of cryptocurrency, or as a place to receive payments or royalties or for holding NFTs.

The merchant minting wallet should only be topped up with the minimal amount of crypto to pay for gas costs for minting and contract creation.

You can withdraw your crypto from your merchant minting wallet at any time by importing it into your own wallet software.

What if I want to use my own wallet to deploy contracts?

This is supported: please see Deploying contracts using your own wallet, below.

Finding your wallet address

To find your wallet address, open up the Verisart app in Shopify or WooCommerce. Go to Settings and scroll down until you find the Minting wallet section.

Secure secret phrase

This secret phrase unlocks your wallet and its contents. Anyone with access to your secret phrase will be able to transfer funds and NFTs to and from your wallet. It's absolutely crucial not to lose it and keep it safe.

  • Write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place

  • Save it in an encrypted field in a password manager

  • Save it in a password-protected notes file

How to reveal the secret phrase

The secret phrase can only be revealed once. Make sure it is revealed by a trusted person.

To transfer funds out of the wallet and configure the account on OpenSea, you'll need to access it with a secret phrase. We provide a secure facility for you to reveal your secret phrase. You'll have one opportunity to access it. You can find the 'Reveal secret phrase' option in Settings.

  • Click 'Reveal secret phrase'

  • You will be prompted to send an email to the email address linked to your store

Be aware that the email that allows you to reveal the secret phrase is sent to the email address associated with your Shopify or WooCommerce store's account. If multiple people have access to this email, they will be able to request a reveal.

  • You'll be shown a code, make sure you save it as you need the code to access your secret phrase

  • Click on the 'Reveal' button in the email you receive

  • Enter the code and click 'Show secret phrase'

  • Write down your secret phrase in more than one safe place

What if I need access again?

If you've already used up your one-time reveal, please get in touch with us.

How can I log in to my wallet?

Once you've revealed the secret phrase, you can use it to import your wallet into any wallet which supports BIP39 passphrases, for example into MetaMask or Ledger wallets.

Topping up your minting wallet to cover gas fees

If you're minting on Ethereum, you'll need to top it up with ETH. You can top up your minting wallet by transferring ETH from another wallet or by buying within the wallet of your choice. To learn how to top up a MetaMask wallet, please refer to their 'Buy Cryptocurrency' guide.

Deploying contracts using your own wallet

It is also possible to deploy contracts using your own wallet instead of the merchant wallet. To do this, you will need to give your merchant wallet permissions to mint on your contract.

On most third party sites such as OpenSea, the "creator" (or artist) of the NFTs on that contract is defined by which wallet created the contract and not which wallet did the actual minting.
So, you can create the contract yourself and then grant permissions to your merchant minting wallet to achieve the same results as if you minted the NFTs directly.

To do this you need to the following:

1. On the Verisart app, click the special link on the home page. This will log you into your linked Verisart account.

2. Click the Contracts tab and click Create (or if you want to use an existing Manifold contract you can choose Import).

3. Deploy the contract using your own wallet

4. Wait until the contract has been deployed on chain and then click the Grant button

5. Choose the merchant minting wallet (the one with the Shopify or WooCommerce label next to it)

6. Click Grant permission and run the transaction

7. Your contract will now appear in the Contracts drop down when you're creating a drop in Shopify or WooCommerce and can be used as normal

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