How to transfer a certificate
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How to transfer a certificate

  • Log in to your Verisart account

  • Go to your dashboard and find the certificate you would like to transfer

  • On the dashboard card for the certificate, click 'Transfer'

  • Enter the new owner's details and 'Transfer'. The item is now transferred to the new owner, who will require a free Verisart account to manage and transfer the certificate.

For editions, you can transfer a certificate by:

  • Clicking the '+' on your certificate card

  • Select the edition you want to transfer and click 'transfer'

Transferred certificates are stored separately

  • Filter by ‘Transferred’ in your dashboard to view transferred certificates

Transferring NFT certificates

For ERC-721 NFTs

  • If you sell an NFT which is an ERC-721 token standard, the certificate will automatically be transferred to the new owner of the work. New owner can claim the NFT certificate.

For other types of NFTs

If you sell an NFT which is not an ERC-721, the certificate must be transferred to new owner by a Verisart administrator. Using the chat bubble, please ensure you send us details of the new owner’s email address, the certificate URL and a link to the transaction ID.

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