How do blockchain certificates work

Learn about the blockchain, OpenTimestamps and digital certificates

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Why use blockchain?

Blockchain technology lets you create permanent certificates that can be publicly verified while still protecting the privacy of owners, buyers and sellers.

The blockchain is a public record so you can verify the existence of a certificate and its provenance. However, the identity of key parties and transactional details can remain private and out of public view.

The combination of security, transparency and anonymity provided by the blockchain enables the certification and verification of your data without the risk of corruption, loss or expiry, thereby protecting your records of creation and ownership.

How it works

Each blockchain record is tamper-proof ensuring your certificate is accurately timestamped and permanently recorded. Verisart uses the Bitcoin blockchain, specifically, OpenTimestamps, to record provenance and the history of changes to the certificate.

The certificate data, including files and metadata, are cryptographically signed and linked to timestamped provenance records on the Bitcoin blockchain. Digital signatures owned by verified parties involved in a certificate (creators, issuers and owners) prove who created/issued/transferred/edited or owned a certificate.

You can download a permanent archive of your certificate, which can be independently verified by checking the blockchain record, and the digital signatures. These checks can be done without Verisart's assistance.

Download your certificate history

  • To download the full certificate history, select the certificate in your dashboard

  • Click the download icon (down arrow) and select 'Archive'.

Learn more about archive files and how to independently verify your certificate:

Verisart Certificates vs NFTs

​​While Verisart certificates are registered on the blockchain, they are not NFTs. Our certificates are timestamped on the Bitcoin blockchain to permanently record information. They should be transferred to the new owner after a sale takes place.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be transacted online and can also be used to certify and verify provenance. Each change of ownership is also recorded on the blockchain and Verisart supports NFTs minted on Ethereum or Polygon. You can also create a NFT for a physical item although the use of NFTs for digital works are much more popular.

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