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Certification customer experience

What do my Shopify customers see?

Updated over a week ago

Impress your customers with secure, beautifully designed Certificates of Authenticity.

Sent automatically and directly to their inbox.

Certificate Link Sent by Email

  • Customers receive an email with a link to their certificates

  • Customize the email with your own branding including adding your logo, custom copy and design. Only available on select plans.

View Certificate and sign up for free

  • Customers can sign up for free to Verisart to manage their certificates


  • After signing up, customers will automatically find all their certificates on the Dashboard

If your customer can't find their certificate in their dashboard, they may have logged into Verisart with a different email address than the one used for purchase.

Digital & printed Certificates

  • Download a PDF to print the certificate at home

  • Alternatively, purchase a holographic printed certificate in our Starter Pack

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