The Verisart Shopify App can help you reassure and impress your Shopify customers with secure, beautifully designed Certificates of Authenticity.

To inform and reassure your Shopify customers at every step of the purchase journey you can add our pre-formatted snippets throughout your site to communicate which products are certified.

We strongly recommend this, as it allows you to benefit from the confidence that the Verisart name instills. Customers more likely to buy, knowing the product has been certified.

1. Homepage / Site-wide Footer (snippet)

Instill confidence from the start by displaying the Verisart Certified logo

2. Product Detail Page (snippet)

Certified products display the verified tick

3. Shopping Cart & Checkout (snippet)

The verified tick accompanies the product through the checkout journey

4. Order Confirmation Page (snippet)

A panel alerts customers they will receive their certificate by email

5. Certificate Link Sent by Email

Customers receive an email with a link to their certificates online

Customize the email with your own branding (available on our Individual Pro plan and all our Business plans (compare plans here).

  • Add your logo

  • Custom copy

  • Custom button color

6. View Certificate & Signup prompt

Customers can sign up to Verisart to manage their certificates

7. Verisart Dashboard

After sign up, customers see their certificates on the Dashboard

8. Digital & Printed Certificates

Download a PDF to print, share, edit and easily transfer certificates

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