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How to add unlockable rewards to NFTs
Updated over a week ago

What are unlockable rewards?

Unlockable rewards provide your customers with exclusive access to files or specific instructions. It’s a great way of saying thank you and connecting with customers. What you provide is up to you! It could be access to a higher resolution file, an invite to a secret Discord group or instructions for how to claim a physical piece.

Adding unlockable rewards to your NFT

Just upload the file of your choice in the unlockable rewards panel.

How unlockable rewards work?

Unlockable rewards are added to your NFT certificate as a private file that only the owner of the certificate can view. Future owners of the certificate will continue to have access to the file.

How customers claim unlockable rewards?

We track Verisart minted NFTs on the blockchain so when your NFT sells or is transferred to another wallet, the certificate automatically transfers to the new owner's wallet address.

Customers claim their NFT certificates by:

  • Create a free Verisart account:

  • Sign in with the wallet that owns the NFT or sign up with email address and connect wallet

  • After the wallet is linked, the certificate appears on their dashboard and customers can view the reward

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