Guide to NFT minting

Connect your wallet, create a contract, add a creator, mint!

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Go to dashboard

  • Get started by clicking on 'Mint NFT' to access the minting form.

Minting is recommended on desktop. To mint on mobile, you'll need to use a browser within a wallet app like MetaMask or Coinbase wallet

Mint Collectible

Connect your wallet

Select blockchain

  • Mint NFTs either on Ethereum, Base or Polygon. Learn more

  • For test mints, please use 'Ethereum Sepolia'

  • You may need to switch to the correct network before minting, see notification.

  • Minting on Polygon: For paid subscribers, Verisart covers Polygon minting costs so you do not have to purchase any cryptocurrency.

  • Minting on Ethereum or Base: You must cover gas fees directly and require sufficient ETH in your wallet to complete minting.

Select or create a contract

  • Choose to mint on the Verisart contract or create their own custom contract.

  • The Verisart Global Contract is managed by Verisart and other creators can also mint NFTs on this contract.

Custom contracts

Only available on paid plans

  • Deploying your own custom contract provides one home/collection for all your NFTs or a specific project and a direct provenance from you to your collector. Each NFT is minted with your branded token and you can configure your own royalties in OpenSea.

If you have an existing Manifold contract, you can also choose to import your contract.

Add a creator

  • When minting or certifying your work for the first time, you need to add yourself as a creator by verifying your identity, providing some information and a signature image.

Add your NFT file and metadata

  • Upload your file, add the NFT title, year of production, description and tags.

  • If your NFT is a video, we suggest a thumbnail but you can choose to change it.

Set editions

  • If your minting a unqiue or multiple edition series, you can set it up here:

Set royalties

  • With NFTs minted on Verisart, you can receive royalties from OpenSea, Rarible and other EIP-2981 standard-compatible platforms. Set the percentage of royalties you want to receive and the wallet address they should be sent to. Read our guide to NFT royalties.

Integrated certificate


Only available on paid plans

  • Customize your certificate with your own branding.

Unlockable rewards

  • Unlockable rewards enable you to give collectors exclusive access to files or specific instructions.

Public notes

  • The Verisart certificate enables you to tell the full story of your work with additional files, notes and details about yourself.


Once minted, the NFT metadata can't be changed. Ensure you review all information prior to minting.

  • Hit the 'Mint' button when ready

  • Pay the gas fees and sign the transaction

Minting on Polygon: Verisart covers costs for paying subscribers.

Minting on Ethereum & Base : You’ll need enough ETH in your wallet to cover the gas fees.

Congratulations your NFT is minted!

To sell NFTs, view our Guide to listing NFTs for sale.

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