Linking NFC tags to certificates

Upgrade your COA to a COA+ with tamperproof NFC tags

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Link tags to existing certificates

If you ordered our NFC Pack please ensure you link each individual tag to a specific certificate.

To do this, simply:

  1. Tap the tag with your phone

  2. Enter the email address tied to the certificate.

  3. After logging in, your certificates will be displayed

  4. Select and confirm the certificate to link

  5. A 'Link created' message confirms success

  6. Select 'View' to check the link on your certificate

For issuers/creators, use the email address use for your Verisart account.

For purchasers, use the email used to make the purchase.

Link tags while creating your certificate

If you ordered our NFC tags before generating certificates, it is possible to link them as part of the certification process. Here's how:

  1. Start by creating your certificate and fill in the required details

  2. At the end of the first section, answer 'Yes' to 'Ready to add your tag?'

  3. Enter the specific serial number of the NFC tag you wish to assign to your item

  4. Click 'Next' and complete the certification process as usual

Understanding COA+

A COA+ represents our highest level of confidence based on our patented certification.

After a secure link is established between the physical work and the certificate, the certificate displays the COA+ badge. If the NFC tag is scanned, the COA+ badge will be visible and additional information about the physical link.

Registered Record: Lowest level of confidence. Issuer’s identity is not verified.

Registered Record+: Low confidence. Issuer’s identity is verified but not the creator.

Certificate of Authenticity: High confidence. Creator identity is verified.

COA+: Highest level of confidence. The issuer is verified and either the issuer or owner has established a link between the certificate and the physical work.

Where will the NFC link appear?

The NFC link will be visible in four locations:

1. Certificate display

2. Certificate Status panel

3. Certificate History Panel

The Certificate History Panel displays links only added after certificate creation. Links made during certification won't appear here.

4. Object data: Physical Link

At the bottom of your certificate page, details of the link are shown including the NFC tag's unique serial number

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