You can download and print labels to attach to your artwork or collectible. Together, the label and digital certificate give buyers confidence in the authenticity of the item. Labels are available on our Individual Premium and Pro plans and all our Business plans (compare plans here).

Printed labels link a Verisart digital certificate with the physical artwork or collectible. They provide an important signal that the work is genuinely the one described in the certificate. An authentic label contains a QR code that matches the QR code on the digital certificate. If you have a match, you can be more certain of an item’s authenticity.

Only the owner can download labels

Labels can only be downloaded by the certificate owner. This is likely to be the creator, if they are creating the digital certificate. After it’s downloaded, the label is printed, signed by the creator, and attached to the artwork. This allows galleries or potential buyers to confirm it matches the certificate by verifying both the QR code and the creator’s signature.

Coming soon: Verify QR codes

We’re currently working on a feature to allow owners and potential buyers to easily verify the QR codes by scanning it with their phone. Keep in mind, that, while the presence of a verified label gives you greater confidence in the authenticity of the work, it is not a guarantee, and you should also check the certificate thoroughly and use other means to determine it is genuine.

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