Guide to certifying on Shopify

Automate the creation of digital blockchain certificates on Shopify

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Thanks for installing our Shopify App! Learn how to easily automate the creation of digital blockchain certificates.

1. Install Verisart Shopify App

  • Go to or your Store's Admin Panel

  • Choose the store where you want to install the Verisart Shopify App. If you have a test or development store, we recommend installing and testing the App there before installing it on your production store.

  • Follow install process and grant permissions to install the App

2. Set up your account

After installing the Verisart Shopify App, you must set up a new Verisart account or link your Store to an existing account before you can start creating certificates.

Click 'Get started' to begin the process.

New to Verisart

  • We create an account for you automatically so you can get started right away.

Have an existing Verisart account

  • Choose the "I already have a Verisart account" option.

  • You'll be redirected to Verisart to log in. Your existing account is automatically linked to your Shopify Store.

3. Add a creator (required for verified and authorized creators)

If you're installing the App for the first time, we require your creator or business name.

For items that carry an identified creator or brand, please complete the verification process.

  • Go to the 'Settings' tab in the App

  • Click 'Manage Creators'

  • You'll be redirected to Verisart to get verified or add your creator

To represent creators, you must be on a Business plan and get creator authorization.

See also:

Add a default creator

If you're creating certificates for one creator or one business, we recommend setting a default creator. The default creator will get automatically assigned to any new certificates your set up.

4. Set up products for certification

The process below does not apply to NFTs. All NFTs minted through the Verisart Shopify App are automatically issued a Certificate of Authenticity once the NFT is bought.

  • Go to Verisart Shopify App and select products in your store for certification.

  • Go to 'Certificates' tab

  • Click 'Add products' to add a product you want to certify. Browse your whole product list or search for a specific product.

  • Select product or products you want to certify

  • Success! Certificate is automatically generated upon purchase of a certified product.

5. Add or edit certificate details

If your product has an identified creator or if you want to include or edit certificate details, simply edit/add the certificate.

  • Select certificate you want to edit

  • Click 'Edit' to view certification form

Add a creator

If your products have an identified creator or maker, you must assign their name to your products so it will appear on the certificates.

  • Select a creator from the drop-down. If no creator appears, you must first add one per the instructions in Step 3.

Add more details

The Verisart Shopify App creates basic certificates by automatically populating the certificate with the product information such as product title, image and description.

To give your customers full confidence in the accuracy and authenticity of the certificate and their purchase, we recommend you provide additional details including:

  • Production year

  • Dimensions

  • Edition information (if relevant)

  • Production location

  • Current location

  • Inventory number

6. Choose when certificates are issued

Decide when customers receive their certificates using the 'Set claim email trigger':

  • Point of purchase: Customer receives certificate immediately after checkout

  • Point of fulfillment: Customer receives certificate only after the order is marked as fulfilled (recommended if you have high order cancellation rates.

How to 'Set claim email trigger'?

  • Go to Verisart Shopify app

  • Go to 'Settings' tab

  • Scroll to 'Set claim email trigger' and select preferred option

7. Add your branding (optional)

Customize your customers' experience with your own branding:

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ You're ready to issue Certificates of Authenticity.

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