Adding and updating your signature

Tips for uploading great images of your signature and creating beautiful certificates

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Signatures are displayed on your Certificates of Authenticity. Make sure you add a clean, legible signature before you start certifying works.

Your signature will appear on all your Certificates and Records. You can choose to add a clean text, an artist signature, or your own personal signature based on your preference.

How to add your signature

Access your account

  • Login or create an account: Start by logging into your Verisart account or create a new one if you haven't already.

  • Navigate to settings: Once logged in, go to your 'Account' tab located under the 'Settings' tab and select 'Add Creator'.

  • Enter all the necessary information about yourself: fill in your creator information and verify your identity

Choose your method

  • Draw your signature: Scan the QR code with your phone to open the signature input draw your signature directly in the provided field.

  • Upload a file: If you have a pre-existing digital signature, you can upload the file.

Review and confirm

  • Clear: If you're not satisfied with your signature, click 'clear' to redo it.

  • Confirm: Once you are happy with your signature, click 'upload'. A success message will appear, prompting you to return to the Verisart website to continue.

View and modify

  • Your signature will appear on all Certificates of Authenticity. If you need to update your signature, you can do so at any time by rescanning the QR code or uploading a new file.

  • Hit 'save' when you're happy with it

How to change your signature

You can update your signature at any time, and all changes will be recorded in your certificate history.

  • Access Signature Settings: Go to your 'Settings' panel, under 'Account', and click 'Update Signature' in your Creator Details.

Updating methods:

  • Draw Your Signature: Scan the QR code to open the signature input and draw your signature directly in the provided field.

  • Upload a File: Upload a new pre-existing digital signature if desired.

Save your new signature:

  • Once you've added your new signature, hit 'Save Signature' if you are satisfied.

  • The update will be reflected in your certificates and your Creator Details.

Tips on adding your signature

Your signature image should be:

  • A .png or .jpg file

  • Black on a white or transparent background

  • High contrast

  • Cropped close to the signature

  • Recommended size: 50 x 300px

You can also create a digital signature using an app or website and export the image file.

A clean signature image

What to avoid

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