Adding and updating your signature

Tips for uploading great images of your signature and creating beautiful certificates

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Signatures are displayed on your Certificates of Authenticity. Make sure you add a clean, legible signature before you start certifying works.

Signatures appear on all Certificates of Authenticity in the Verification section.

Tips on adding your signature

Your signature image should be:

  • A .png or .jpg file

  • Black on a white or transparent background

  • High contrast

  • Cropped close to the signature

  • Recommended size: 50 x 300px

You can also create a digital signature using an app or website and export the image file.

A clean signature image

What to avoid

Updating your signature

For future certificates

  • Go to the 'Creators' tab

  • Find your name and click on the '+'

  • Click 'Update signature' and upload a new signature image

This will update your signature for all certificates moving forward, if you would like to update your signature on existing certificates please contact our support team via the chat bubble.

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