For all our verified accounts creating Certificates of Authenticity, the signature will appear on the certificate. It's important you add a signature image that will make your certificate look its best!

Your signature image should be:

  • A .png or .jpg file

  • Black on a white or transparent background

  • High contrast

  • Cropped close to the signature

  • Recommended size: 50 x 300px

A perfect signature image

What to avoid

Changing your signature

Changing your signature for future certificates

  • Go to the 'Creators' tab

  • Find your name and click on the '+'

  • Click 'Update signature' and upload a new signature image

Changing your signature on existing certificates

This can only be done by an admin for the time being. If you would like to update your signature, send the new image as a png or jpg file to our customer service team via the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner. Please note that a new event will appear in the certificate history that says "Signature updated".

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