Metafields are extra pieces of data that can be attached to Shopify products. You can also use Shopify Metafields to do more advanced or automated integration. For example, this approach will allow you to batch upload CSVs of data, or configure third-party Shopify management tools to configure your products to use with Verisart.

You can find our full list of metafields in our developer docs.

How to populate metafields

In order to certify products, you'll need to provide some additional information as Shopify metafields. There are three ways of doing this:

Verisart App

  1. Go to the Verisart App

  2. Select the products tab

  3. Go to Products

  4. Select multiple products

  5. Click edit

  6. This will open the bulk editor and you will be able to use the 'column' button to add or remove metafields

Metafields Guru

  1. Add Metafields Guru to your store

  2. Go to your list of products

  3. Select the product you want to edit

  4. Click on "More actions" and select "Metafields Guru"

  5. To add metafields click 'Create metafield'

  6. Add the Verisart metafields

  • Make sure you write 'verisart' under the namespace and include the remaining metafield under 'key'. Then add your information below.

  • You can add as many metafields as you want


The Shopify App Matrixify is a great option for bulk importing products

  • By adding required fields to a CSV file of your products and importing them using an external Shopify App like Matrixify

Where to store files?

When adding metafields for images, videos, documents you will need to first store the file somewhere.

You can do this in Shopify!

  • Go to 'Settings'

  • Scroll down to 'Files'

  • Click on 'Upload files'

  • Once the file is uploaded you'll get a link that you can use in the metafield.

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