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Importing a Manifold contract

Import contracts created with the Manifold Creator. Use them to mint NFTs on Verisart or on your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

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Verisart operates similarly on both Shopify and WooCommerce, with a comparable process and interface on each platform. Screenshots in this article may be from either platform, but the instructions are applicable to both.

If you have an existing Manifold contract, you can import it to your Verisart account and use it to mint NFTs. You can also use it with our Shopify or WooCommerce integration too.

Import your Manifold contract

Importing Manifold contracts must be done from but can be accessed directly via the Verisart Shopify or WooCommerce App

1. Log In and Navigate to the App

  • If you only use our Shopify or WooCommerce App, you can access our website through the Verisart Shopify or WooCommerce App by clicking on any link to

2. Navigate to your Settings panel

  • Once logged in, click your top right icon and then click 'Settings'

3. Connect your deployment wallet

  • In the 'Settings' panel, navigate 'Wallets & Contracts'.

  • Go to the 'Contracts' tab and click 'Import'.

  • Connect the wallet that you used to deploy your Manifold contract. This is necessary to verify ownership.

4. Import Contract

  • Paste your Manifold contract address and click 'Import'

Minting NFTs on Shopify or WooCommerce with your Manifold contract

If you want to use the Manifold contract you need to grant permission to the Shopify or WooCommerce store's wallet. Once you have permission, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Shopify and go to the Verisart Shopify or WooCommerce App

  • Go to the "NFT" tab and create a Drop

  • Choose the Manifold contract from the dropdown list of contracts

  • Save your Drop and set your NFT products for sale like you would any other product

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