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How to bundle a physical product with an NFT on Shopify
How to bundle a physical product with an NFT on Shopify

Verisart offers a workaround to bundle a physical product with an NFT using our Shopify app

Updated over a week ago

While Verisart was designed with NFTs in mind, we've implemented a solution for those wishing to bundle with physical products.

Please note: Before you bundle, ensure you're authorized to sell NFTs on Shopify, even if it's a complimentary NFT.

Setting a physical product to come with an NFT is straightforward: list the product and then flag it as an NFT in the Verisart app on Shopify.

When the item is bought, an NFT is automatically generated by our system. Customers get both the NFT, under our purview, and the actual product, dispatched by you (as per usual).

Here's how you can do it:

Set up your physical product

Just as you would with any other product on Shopify:

  • Go to 'Products'

  • Create your product by clicking 'Add product'

  • Add images, descriptions, and anything else you might need

  • In the description, you have the option of outlining that the product comes with a free NFT

  • Set up the pricing, tracking and shipping as you usually would

If your product has multiple versions or variants:

  • Set up the product with its various attributes or forms

  • This approach helps distinguish the digital NFT twin from the actual physical product and ensures streamlined order fulfillment

  • Mark your physical product as an NFT (to learn how to do this, see below)

It doesn’t matter that it’s a physical product. This step signals our system to generate an NFT for the buyer, alongside the physical product.

Set up the NFT version

  • Go to the Verisart app on Shopify

  • Go to the 'NFTs' tab

  • Select an existing drop by clicking 'Edit' to add a product

  • Or, create a new drop by selecting 'Create'

  • In your drop, scroll down and go to 'NFT products'

  • Click 'Browse'

  • Select the product you just created from your product list

  • Select More actions and click 'Edit in Verisart'

  • Creator must be identity verified and have granted you permission to create NFTs on their behalf

  • By default, the Verisart Shopify App will pull in information included on your product such as title, media file and description

  • You can change all these fields as you like

  • Edits you make to the NFT metadata will not affect or change the Shopify product

GWEI limits and Gas Fees

Please consider any additional fees used to mint the NFT when factoring in the price of your physical product.

  • Choose whether the store or buyer pays gas fees

  • Go to your NFT tab on the Verisart Shopify app

  • Click 'Create' to set up a new contract

If the store is paying gas fees, you can set your GWEI limits for minting on Ethereum by going to your 'Settings' tab on the Verisart Shopify app.

Shipping as usual

On your Shopify store, your customers can see the description of the product and can purchase as usual

Once the order comes in, you handle the physical part. Ship your item as you would with any other sale. We'll take care of the NFT part, ensuring your customer gets their NFT

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