This article explains which metafields are needed to create Verisart Certificates of Authenticity through using the Shopify App.

Metafields in Shopify

Metafields are extra pieces of data that can be attached to Shopify products. They are useful for storing information that isn't part of the basic product information but is needed for other purposes. The dimensions of an object are a good example: height and width aren't captured in Shopify's basic product info, but Verisart needs them in order to certify a product.

How to populate metafields

In order to certify products, you'll need to provide some additional information as Shopify metafields. There are three ways of doing this:

Verisart App

  1. Go to the Verisart App

  2. Select the products tab

  3. Go to Products

  4. Select multiple products

  5. Click edit

  6. This will open the bulk editor and you will be able to use the 'column' button to add or remove metafields

Metafields Guru

  1. Add Metafields Guru to your store

  2. Go to your list of products

  3. Select the product you want to edit

  4. Click on "More actions" and select "Metafields Guru"

  5. To add metafields click 'Create metafield'

  6. Add the Verisart metafields

  • Make sure you write 'verisart' under the namespace and include the remaining metafield under 'key'. Then add your information below.

  • You can as many metafields as you want


The Shopify App Matrixify is a great option for bulk importing products

  • By adding required fields to a CSV file of your products and importing them using an external Shopify App like Matrixify

Where to store files?

When adding metafields for images, videos, documents you will need to first store the file somewhere.

You can do this in Shopify!

  • Go to 'Settings'

  • Scroll down to 'Files'

  • Click on 'Upload files'

  • Once it's uploaded you'll get a link which you can use in your metafield

List of metafields

The Verisart App creates basic certificates using the information you've already provided to Shopify: The product's title and image.

We strongly recommend that you provide additional details to make your certificates more complete. This will give your customers full confidence in the accuracy and authenticity of the certificate and their purchase.

We've outlined all the additional fields below.


Metafield name


Default if not specified

Creator ID - Unique creator ID assigned by the Verisart system


Predefined string, e.g., 6d2b9a5e-8972-421d-b307-4d7ab136c3e7

These unique IDs can be found on the Creators tab

No creator

Title - Overrides the product name if the artwork should have a different title


Max 250 characters.

If not specified, the product title will be used

Image(s) of the product

(To add multiple replace "_1" by a number, e.g., verisart.image_1, verisart.image_2, etc.)

URL(s) of the file(s)Must begin with http:// or https://

If you are minting NFTs, there must only be one image

If not specified, the primary product image will be used

Display image - Thumbnail image for videos


URL of the file. Must begin with http:// or https://

File types: .png, .jpeg or .gif

Verisart provides a default thumbnail for videos uploaded on Shopify

Certificate or NFT creation - Determines whether a certificate or NFT is created


Can be set to "CERTIFICATE" or "NFT". "CERTIFICATE" will create a Verisart certificate when the product is ordered by a customer. "NFT" will create a Verisart certificate and lazy mint a Custodial NFT for your product (for access to NFT minting, you will first need to be approved. Start the process by completing this form)

Secure QR label - Whether the product shipped with a QR label



Width - Width of the product


Number, e.g., 20 or 10.52

Height - Height of the product


Number, e.g., 20 or 10.52

Depth - Depth of the product, required for sculpture


Number, e.g., 20 or 10.52

Unit of measure - What unit of measure is used for the dimensions?


Must be one of the following: CM, INCH or PIXEL

Production year - Year the product was produced


Four-digit value larger than 1000, must not be a future year

Object type - What kind of product is it?


Predefined string from the Object Type list (see below)

Medium - What medium or material is the product made of?


A freeform string, e.g., "Oil on canvas", "Pencil on archival paper", "MPEG4 video", etc.)

Edition number - Specific edition number for this product


Integer, e.g., 1 or 101

Edition volume - Total number of editions.


Integer, e.g., 50 or 1000

Set this value without edition_number to create unnumbered editions. This is not the same as the inventory.

Edition note - Additional info about the edition that appears under the edition number and volume


String, e.g., "Made from the original cast", "Printers Proof", "Bon a Tier", etc.

AP number - Specific Artist Proof number


Integer, e.g., 1 or 101

AP volume - Total number of Artist Proofs in this edition


Integer, e.g., 1 or 101

Note(s) - Text to add as a note to the certificate

verisart.note_1 (To add multiple replace "_1" by a number, e.g., verisart.note_1, verisart.note_2, etc.)

One or multiple strings, e.g., "Created for the series Cloudwalker exhibited at Gazelli Art House in April 2018"

Private file(s) (Creator Reward) - Private files only accessible to collectors that supplement the certificate, e.g., images of initial sketches, audio or video message. Perfect for collector rewards.

(To add multiple replace "_1" by a number, e.g., verisart.file_1, verisart.file_2, etc.)

URL of a supporting file in any of the following formats:

Labels for private file(s) (Creator reward) - Human-readable label for the additional file

verisart.file_label_1 (Must correspond to an additional file URL above.)

Short string, e.g., "Initial sketch", "Collector message"

Royalty split address


Include the royalty split address provided by Verisart

Royalty percentage


Ttotal royalty percentage, this should be entered as the percentage multiplied by 100. Example: 8% = 800

List of predefined object types

The object_type metafield needs to be populated with one of these values. If you need to map this list of object types to data you are exporting from another system, get in touch at

  • BOOK














Where to find the Artist ID

Go to 'Settings > Manage creators'. The 'Manage creators' button will take you to the Creators tab on

If you're an individual artist or creator, then your own Artist ID appears in the Myself section.

If you're a business representing creators, then this will appear in the Represented section.

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