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Verisart Shopify app pricing and limits
Verisart Shopify app pricing and limits
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For all primary sales, here are the following transaction fee applies for NFTS:

  • 5% of the sale price or $0.25 per NFT, whichever is higher

You must approve the App Spending Limit after you install the app.

How am I charged?

Your subscription and usage fees are automatically billed through Shopify or WooCommerce on a 30-day cycle. These usage charges will be billed through Shopify or WooCommerce while your existing subscription will continue to be billed through

Approve app spending limit

The following default app spending limits apply:

  • $100 per month for individuals

  • $500 per month for businesses

To view and approve the app spending limit and any amount charged to date, go to the Settings tab in the Shopify or WooCommerce Admin panel and scroll down to the 'Usage charges' panel.

Increasing app spending limit

When you are within 10% of your app spending limit, you'll get an email from Verisart. You will need to increase your spending limit to continue selling NFTs. If you do not take action, your customers can place orders but NFTs will be paused. After you increase your limit, any paused NFTs will be sent to customers.

To increase your spending limit, simply complete the following steps:

  • Click 'Manage'

  • Click on the ellipsis and select 'View spending limit'

  • Enter a new app spending limit amount.

Manage your plan

To manage your plan, go to the 'Settings' tab.

  • Click 'Manage' under the Plan panel

  • Select plan

  • Approve new subscription

Use my existing Verisart subscription

If you have an existing Verisart subscription, log in to your account through the Shopify or WooCommerce App.

If you've installed the Shopify or WooCommerce App and have accidentally created two accounts, get in touch and we can link your Verisart account and Shopify store for you.

Please note: If you have subscribed to a paid plan and would like to upgrade to a different paid plan you will need to go through the platform (either, Shopify or WooCommerce) where you originally subscribed.

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