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Customize customer emails on Shopify or WooCommerce
Customize customer emails on Shopify or WooCommerce

Customize emails to store customers via the Shopify or WooCommerce app

Updated over a week ago

Verisart operates similarly on both Shopify and WooCommerce, with a comparable process and interface on each platform. Screenshots in this article may be from either platform, but the instructions are applicable to both.

Only available to Premium and Pro Plan users

Go to 'Settings' tab in Verisart Shopify or WooCommerce app, under 'Email customizations' click 'Manage'

Customize all emails

Set global customization settings for all your emails

  • Your Logo

  • Sender address

  • Button color

  • Button text color

Customize individual emails

You can also customize specific emails.

Add custom text

  • You can include custom text on emails. Use this field to share more information about your NFTs, outline your cancelation policy and more.

Use your own HTML

  • To send your custom-coded emails designed with your own branding, you can use your own code. We recommend working with a developer to create your email.

  • We support Liquid syntax in the templates so that you can easily embed the relevant pieces of data from Verisart in the email. Learn more in our developer docs.

Send test emails

  • Send yourself an example email to ensure the email looks the intended way.

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