Verisart certificates show badges help your collectors and customers understand who's issued them and how complete they are. The badges and the Confidence Panel give your customers confidence in the certificate's accuracy and completeness.


There are two types of badges: Registered Records and Certificates of Authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity is reserved for living creators certifying their own work or galleries (or other organizations) who can be authorized by the creator. All other certificates are Registered Records.

Registered Records display warning messages to indicate whether the issuer and creator have been verified and authorized.

If your certificate displays these messages, you can upgrade your badge to a COA if:

  • You're a creator certifying your own work and you are able to verify your identity. More here on how to do that.

  • The creator authorizes you. You'll need to be on the Business plan to request an authorization. Once you've upgraded, you can find this on the Creators tab. You can find out more here.

When those steps have been completed, your certificate will automatically upgrade and you'll no longer see the Pending Verification or Authorization warnings.

Object details

The Confidence panel also shows how complete the certificate is. In order to move the slider to the right towards Extended, fill in as many details as you can. To achieve our "Recommended" level, you'll need to make sure to include:

  • Title

  • Image

  • Object type

  • Medium

  • Production year

  • Width / Height

  • Dimension unit

Note that if you're creating your certificates on, you're required to include the recommended details so you're certificate will be at that level by default. If you're a Shopify merchant, you'll need to add object details using the edit form on the Products tab.

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