How do I verify my identity?

Follow our verification flow and become a verified creator

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Certificates of Authenticity cannot be created unless you pass ID verification.

We securely verify your identity with an ID check using a government ID, passport, driving license, etc. We use a third-party verification provider and you can check which countries and ID documents are supported here.

Why do we verify identities?

We verify your identity to ensure only creators themselves or their representatives are allowed to create Certificates of Authenticity.

Individual identity verification

If you are a creator, you will need to verify your identity directly in the 'Create certificate' form when you add yourself as a creator.

  • Under 'Who is the creator?', select 'Me. This is my own work.'

  • Under 'Creator name' select 'Add new'

You will then be asked to verify your identity using a government-issued form of ID.

  • Scan the QR code on your phone

  • Follow the instructions (you will need your ID for this step)

Business identity verification

If you are a business, you'll need to verify your identity and business details the first time you add an artist you represent.

Select 'A creator I legally represent'

You will be asked to verify your identity by providing the following:

  • Identity verification from an owner or senior manager using a government-issued form of ID.

  • Business details including your business name, website, social media and VAT or incorporation number

The Verisart team will review the details you submit and approve your account. This process normally takes a few hours but may take up to 2 business days during busy times.

Even if your details need to be reviewed, you can still add creators and request authorizations.

  • We'll send out the authorization requests automatically when your account is approved

Issues with identity verification?

If you're having trouble verifying your identity, your country or ID may not be supported.

You can still 'Add Creator' but your certificate will show as 'Not Verified' under the verification section until the ID has been approved.

Contact us at or use the chat in the lower right-hand corner for further help.

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