How to create Certificates of Authenticity

Watch our tutorial video and read our guide to learn how to start certifying today.

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Add creator

If you're adding a creator for the first time, you must verify your identity.

If you are a business, you need to provide your business details.

Navigate to Settings

  • Click the top right icon, and select 'Settings'

Add Creator

  • Under you 'Account' tab, click 'Add creator'

Select your creator type

Depending on your selected plan, you'll be prompted to verify your identity or search for the creator you represent.

  • For creators, select 'Me. This is my own work'.

  • For businesses representing creators, select 'A creator I represent'.

  • Look for the creator in the drop-down menu. If the name does not appear, click 'Add new' and enter the creator's details.

    • You will need to request authorization from the creator to issue Certificates of Authenticity on their behalf.

Creating certificates

Navigate to Create Certificate

  • Go to your dashboard and click 'Create certificate'

  • Select creator type:

    • 'Me. This is my own work' if you are creating a certificate for one of your own works

    • 'A creator I represent' if you are issuing a certificate on behalf of another creator

    • 'A creator I collect' if you are creating a record for an artwork you have collected

Step 1: Define

Here is where you'll set the basic details of your certificate including:

  • Creator: Who the creator of the work you are certifying is.

  • Privacy preference: Decide if you want the certificate to only be viewable by the owner of the certificate.

  • Object type: Select what you are certifying; if your object is not listed, select 'other'.

  • Artwork type: You can certify editions or a unique work.

  • Physical link: If you've ordered our QR or NFC pack, you can add your serial number here to link the tag/sticker to your certificate.

Step 2: Create

At this step, you'll add all the details about the work you are certifying, all the information here will be displayed on your certificate.

  • Title: The title of the work

  • Medium: Describe the materials or tools used to make the object

  • Production Year: Enter the year the object was made. If the work is undated, enter '0' and it will appear as 'undated'.

  • Dimensions: Specify the dimensions and the units of measurement.

  • Description: This field is optional. Include any extra information about the object, the certificate, or a message to your collector.

  • Public inventory number: An optional field if you want to use certificates to aid inventory management.

  • Primary asset: Upload a file of the object you are certifying. Supported file types and sizes are:

Supported file types

Maximum size

.jpg, .png, .gif : 40MB, 40MP

Shopify App: 20MB


300 MB

.glb, .gltf

300 MB

Step 3: Enhance

Tell the story of the work! The final step lets you any extra details, files and information, including private content exclusive just to the owner of the certificate. Everything here is optional!

  • Public notes: Separate from the certificate description, this field allows you to add extra information about the work or certificate.

  • Production location: where the object was created

  • Current location: where the object is currently located

  • Additional images: If your certificate is set to public, you can add extra images to accompany the main asset. Anyone viewing the certificate will see these. Supported file types and sizes are:

Supported file types for additional files

Maximum file size

.jpg, .png, .gif : 40MB, 40MP

Shopify App: 20MB

.doc, .docx, .xls, .csv, .pdf, .txt

300 MB

.mov, mp4, mp3, .wmv.

300 MB

.usdz, .gltf, .glb

300 MB

Private content & unlockcable rewards

Available on Individual Pro plan and all Business plans.

Visible only to the owner of the certificate, this field gives you the chance to reward your collectors and build your community

  • Private notes: Share private information about the work and the creator, viewable only by the owner of the certificate.

  • Additional files: Share any private files or images exclusive only to the owner of the certificate.

  • Private inventory number: If you prefer to privatize the inventory number, include it here.

Editing certificates

  • Find your certificate in your dashboard

  • Click on the pencil icon to edit

  • Make changes to the relevant fields and save

To learn more about editing your certificate see:

Transferring certificates

If the object is sold or gifted to a new owner, you must transfer the certificate to them. Sending the PDF does not transfer ownership of the certificate.

  • Find your certificate in your dashboard

  • Click 'Transfer'

  • Complete New Owner's details with their email address

To learn more about transferring certificates see:

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