Provide your customers with a premium experience and build trust with our printed secure holographic products.

Holographic Printed Certificate

A professional and beautifully designed certificate with 7 different security features.

  • Printed on 120gsm paper

  • Iris watermark & strip hologram

  • Invisible UV printing & heat-sensitive ink squares

  • Unique serial number


  • $15 per certificate if Verisart prints and ships

  • $10 per certificate if you print and ship

  • Minimum order of 10 certificates

  • The certificate template download is available on our paid plans

Holographic stickers

Securely link your physical creation to your digital certificate.

  • Securely link the QR code to your certificate

  • Tamperproof

  • Unique serial number


  • $3 per sticker

  • Minimum order of 100

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