What does certificate status mean?
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A blockchain certificate is a permanent digital record for a physical or digital work. Each certificate is linked to a provenance record which includes at least one image, the name of the creator, creation title, production date, medium, dimensions, edition (if relevant), current owner key, URL, secure QR code and a blockchain address.

Certificate status

Verisart's patented certification reflects verified information about the creator, issuer and object. The status of the certificate is reflected by the panel and badge type.

Unlike paper certificates, our certificates are not static. You can upgrade your certificate anytime and record your verified changes with further information.

Certificate status is displayed by the badge type and in the certificate panel.

Registered Record

Registered Records do not confer any authenticity or ownership. Registered Records have:

  • No creator endorsement

  • An unverified issuer

Registered Record +

Registered Records Plus are used by verified businesses who are issuing certificates where the creator cannot or has not authorized the issuer. Registered Records Plus have:

  • No creator endorsement

  • A verified issuer

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificates of Authenticity are used by creators or businesses authorized by the creator. For creators who are certifying their own work, the issuer and creator are the same. Certificates of Authenticity have:

  • A verified issuer

  • An identified creator who has authorized the issuer

COA + (Certificate of Authenticity +)

Certificates of Authenticity Plus are used by creators or businesses authorized by the creator with a secure identifier between the physical item and the digital certificate.

Certificates of Authenticity Plus have:

Certificate panel

The Certificate Panel displays verification, details and history about the certificate.


Displays information about the 'Creator' and 'Issuer' of the item.

Verified creators display a tick by their name to show they are verified.


Displays level of information about the item (metadata) and level of verification (completeness)

Verified issuer

An issuer who has provided identity verification (government ID). Businesses provide additional verifiable business details.

Creator authorized

Creator authorized means the certificate is created directly by the creator or by a businesses authorized by the creator (for example a gallery).

Extended object details

Extended object details refer to additional information about the item. The criteria for extended object details are listed below:

For physical works

For NFTs

  • Object type

  • Production year

  • Medium

  • Dimensions

  • At least 2 files of any type (can be additional images)

  • At least one additional information field (note, description, production location, location)

  • Object type

  • Production year

  • Dimensions

  • At least one additional information field (file, note, etc.)


History displays all changes to a certificate. Each event is clearly timestamped with a link to the blockchain transaction ID providing a trusted timeline of the certificate history.

Changing certificate status

Unlike paper certificates, our patented certificates evolve over time. Certificate status is updated automatically after you verify your identity, provide additional information or add a secure identifier.

To become a verified issuer and creator, see how to verify your identity

To request creator authorization, see how to add an authorized creator.

Download a certificate archive

You can download a permanent archive of your certificate, which can be independently verified by checking the blockchain record, and the digital signatures. These checks can be done without Verisart's assistance.

  • To download the full certificate history, select the certificate in your dashboard

  • Click the download icon (down arrow) and select 'Archive'.

Learn more about archive files and how to independently verify your certificate:

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