A Fair Trade Art Certificate is for creativity that helps others. Fair Trade Art is an initiative designed to bring creators and social impact organizations together to do good.

Verisart Fair Trade Art Certificates demonstrate that a portion of sales is donated to charitable causes and social impact initiatives.

Example Fair Trade Art Certificate

Why Use Verisart Fair Trade Art Certificates?

If you are a creator - Verisart Fair Trade Art Certificates let collectors know if the sale of the work is benefitting a social cause you support.

If you are a collector - Verisart Fair Trade Art Certificate will give you confidence that the creator you are supporting is getting paid and/or a transparent percentage of the sales is going to a charity or social impact organization.

If you are an organization - If you are selling art on behalf of a creator or charity, the Verisart Fair Trade Art Certificate lets everyone know that you will be keeping your promise and that buying the works will be making a difference in someone’s life. If you are a charitable organization planning on receiving funds from a sale, our Fair Trade Art Certificates ensure that you benefit as planned.

How to create a Fair Trade Art Certificate on Verisart

You can create Fair Trade Art COAs for physical and digital creations.

1. Upgrade to a Fair Trade Art account

Email support@verisart.com with the subject line 'Upgrade to a Fair Trade Art account' and attach your completed Fair Trade Art application (see link below). There is no extra cost associated with the upgrade.

Download the Fair Trade Art Application form

2. Update your Certificate customization

When your application has been reviewed and successfully processed, your account will be able to issue Fair Trade Art certificates. You will see a new Certificate customisation option when creating a new certificate or minting an NFT.

Under Certificate style, choose the Certificate type “Fair Trade Art certificate”.

Note: If you are minting an NFT, Certificate customization can be found at the bottom of the minting form.

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