What is a Fair Trade Art Certificate?

Certification for social impact & charitable causes

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A Fair Trade Art Certificate is for creativity that helps others. Fair Trade Art certificates are designed to bring creators and social impact organizations together to do good. They clearly demonstrate that the sale of the work directly benefits charitable causes and social impact initiatives.

Using Fair Trade Art Certificates

For creators: Inform collectors the sale of the work benefits a social cause you support.

For collectors: Know that the creator you support is getting paid and/or a clear percentage of the sales is going to a charity or social impact organization.

For organizations: Ensure your organization fairly receives and distributes sales revenues.

Creating Fair Trade Art Certificates

You can create Fair Trade Art COAs for physical and digital creations.

Upgrade to a Fair Trade Art account

Update your Certificate customization

  • After your application is processed, you can issue Fair Trade Art certificates using the new certificate type when creating a new certificate or minting an NFT.

  • Under Certificate style, choose 'Fair Trade Art certificate' for Certificate type. For NFT minting, certificate customization is located at the bottom of the minting form.

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