Add tokengates to your products and reward NFT holders with exclusive access.

🚨 Tokengates can only work with Shopify Online Shop 2.0 themes.

If you are using a legacy theme then it will not be possible to use this feature.

Follow these steps to create your tokengate:

Part 1: Create the tokengate

Part 2: Set up the theme and product

Part 3: Verifying the tokengate

Part 1: Create the tokengate

In the Verisart app, go to the 'Tokengates' tab

Hit the 'Create' button to set up a new tokengate

Set up your tokengate

  • Give your tokengate a name

  • Add a contract address

    • This determines which NFTs your customers need to hold to access your gated products

  • Select your gated products

  • Choose your blockchain

    • The blockchain must match the chain the smart contract was created on

    • Check which blockchain your contract was created on by searching for it on Etherscan or Polygonscan

Hit save!

Part 2: Setting up the theme

Once you've created your tokengate it's time to update the product template theme to allow your customers to connect their wallet and access the product.

Start by creating a new product template in your theme. This can be done using the Shopify Theme Editor.

In the Admin panel on the left, click Online Store and Theme. Then choose “Customize” for the current theme.

In the theme editor search function, select Products and choose Create Template.

Create the template based on the Default Product template.

Add the tokengating button

From the menu on the left, choose “Add block” in the Product information section and add the Verisart Token gate button (you can find it under apps).

Re-order the tokengate button in the section as you require.

You can edit the color of the button and tokengate pop up to make them fit better with your shop’s theme.

  • Click on the panel

  • Choose your desired colors

Hit save

Once you're happy with the template, click save.

Select the correct template on the tokengated product

From the products menu, go to the product you are tokengating.

On the product page, scroll down until you see the Online store panel on the right

Select the template for tokengated products

Click save

Your NFT holders will now be able to unlock exclusive access to your tokengated products.

Changing the default template

An alternative to creating a new template is to just modify the existing product template. This is more convenient if all products in your store are token gated as it saves having to change each product to use the new template.

🚨 Tokengates cannot be used with "Buy now" buttons on the product page owing to how the tokengates work with Shopify.

For tokengating to work, your customers will need to follow the Add to cart and checkout journey

Part 3: Verifying the tokengate

To ensure only customers with the correct NFT receive their exclusive product, we recommend manually fulfilling your order. You can then verify the tokengate.

  1. Under 'Orders' click on the specific order and scroll to the Timeline.

  2. If you see the event 'Verisart edited the details of this order' you can be certain the tokengate was successful.

If the tokengate failed and a product was ordered accidentally, you will see the following message under "Additional details". This implies you should not fulfil the product as the customer has not met the requirements of your tokengate.

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