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How the Shopify App differs from native web3 platforms
How the Shopify App differs from native web3 platforms
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Verisart's Shopify App lets you mint and sell NFTs, create tokengates and automatically issue Certificates of Authenticity for any product.

Using Shopify is easy and gives you a great inventory management and customer checkout experience. You can take advantage of these features while providing your customers with best-in-class NFTs, tokengating and blockchain Certificates of Authenticity.

Customers pay by card or crypto

Choose from a range of payment providers. For crypto payments, DePay offer direct-to-wallet transactions. Learn more

Gas fees

Gas fees are fees required to process transactions on the blockchain. If the store covers the gas fees for contract deployment and minting, customers don’t need crypto to claim their NFT. Verisart pays for minting costs on Polygon but if you plan to mint on Ethereum or Base be sure to factor in gas fees into your business model. Merchants are able to set app settings so the buyer pays the gas fees.

Create certified NFTs

Every NFT minted on Verisart includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity provides the following;

  • Information about and confidence in the verified creator identity (learn more)

  • Collector rewards

  • Additional files for further information about the creation

  • Configurable privacy settings

  • Enhanced storytelling


Minting via Shopify uses your Merchant minting wallet. This is a wallet created for you programmatically as soon as you install our app. You have full control over it and can retrieve the seed phrase (learn more).

NFTs on OpenSea: OpenSea considers that the deployer of the contract is the creator of the NFT. Verisart allows for flexibility and choice when it comes to provenance. For example, you can mint on contracts you didn’t deploy as long as your Merchant minting wallet has permission to do so.

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