Selling, Gifting and Test Modes

If your store uses Shopify Payments as a payment provider, then Shopify may restrict what types of NFTs you can sell. If you're not using Shopify Payments, you are free to sell, gift and test NFTs; No restrictions apply.

When you first installed the Verisart Shopify App, you were prompted complete an application form with information about your store and your plans for creating NFTs. Based on your responses, Shopify will have approved your store for selling, gifting or test modes:




You can sell NFTs on your store using Shopify Payments, as long as you respect Shopify's terms of service


You cannot sell NFTs on your store, but you can give them away. As long as you don't charge anything, Verisart will process your NFTs orders.


You can create test NFTs on testnets, but you cannot gift or sell NFTs on live blockchains

Gifting mode

If you see the banner below, this means that Shopify approved you to give away NFTs, but not sell them. You can use the Verisart App to create free NFTs.

If you would like to sell NFTs, you have two options:

  • Remove Shopify Payments as your payment provider. There are no restrictions on selling with other payment gateways. We recommend DePay for crypto payments.

  • Reapply to sell NFTs through Shopify Payments by completing the application. You can reapply 60 days after your original application by going to the NFT Status panel under Settings in the Verisart Shopify App.

Test mode

In test mode you can create NFTs on testnets. Testnet is an abbreviation of "test network" and it simulates interactions on the mainnet. For example, you can test mint your Ethereum NFTs on the Ethereum Goerli testnet. Minting on testnet lets you experiment and try things out without having to pay high gas fees or worry about any risks.







Testnet NFTs are not designed to be sold or given any real value.

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