How to handle contracts stuck in "Pending"

Guide for how to handle NFT contracts or Payment Splitter contracts stuck in "Pending" and not deployed on-chain

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Verisart operates similarly on both Shopify and WooCommerce, with a comparable process and interface on each platform. Screenshots in this article may be from either platform, but the instructions are applicable to both.

When you create a new Contract on our Shopify or WooCommerce app, we will attempt to deploy it immediately from your Merchant Minting wallet.

The same is also true when setting up royalties with multiple recipients: in this case we will deploy a Payment Splitter contract for you.

However, you might find that this is taking a long time to deploy, or is not deploying at all.

This guide explains how to resolve these issues.

What you will see

If a contract isn't deployed you may see that on the drops page, the drop is labelled as "Pending" and marked as "Needs Review"

When you view the drop, you might see a warning like this:

How to resolve this issue

Not enough ETH

If you're minting on Ethereum, you will need to make sure there is enough ETH in your Merchant Minting wallet. If there isn't, find your wallet and top it up as necessary. Please may contact us at when you've finished topping up and we'll make sure everything gets sorted.

If you're minting on Polygon you don't need to do this as we'll top you up automatically.

Too low GWEI limit

It's possible to configure the gas fee limit for actions such as minting and contract creation. Make sure you haven't set the gas fee too low otherwise your contracts will not be able to be minted.

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