👋 Welcome to NFT minting on Shopify with Verisart! Here’s all you need to start selling NFTs.

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1. Add a verified creator

NFT minting requires that you have a verified creator or brand linked to your account. This protects against fraud and builds trust.

  • Go to the Settings tab in the App

  • Click "Manage Creators"

  • You'll be redirected to Verisart.com where you can become verified or add your creator

If you're a business and represent creators, you can mint on behalf of multiple creators on our Business plan. You will need to get permission from creators through Verisart before creating NFTs on their behalf.

If you are a business creating NFTs for yourself or an individual creator, we recommend setting a default creator, this will automatically assign a creator to NFTs you add to your drops.

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2. Set up your customizations

Go to the Verisart settings tab

Add email customization

Add your own branding and customize messages customers receive.

Customize your Certificate of Authenticity

Add your logo and branding to your certificates

Decide when you want your NFTs to be sent to customers

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3. Reveal your secret phrase

Verisart generates a "minting wallet" for your store. The minting wallet is a bit like your store's address on the blockchain.

To transfer funds out of the wallet and configure the account on OpenSea, you'll need to access it with a secret phrase. We provide a secure facility for you to reveal your secret phrase.

Make sure you keep your secret phrase somewhere safe and secure.

4. Set up your drop

The Verisart App lets you easily transform your products into NFTs for sale all from one form.

Go to the 'NFTs' tab and click 'Create drop'

Give your drop a name and select a blockchain

The name is just to help you distinguish internally between different drops it won't appear on your NFT.

Here's an overview of the blockchains you can choose:


Verisart covers the gas fees for you

Polgyon Mumbai Testnet

A test version of the Polygon Testnet


Generally used for higher value NFTs, you will need to pay for the minting costs

Ethereum Mumbai Testnet

A test version of the Ethereum Testnet

Create your Custom Contract

Before you set up your NFTs, you need to select or create a custom contract.

If you've already created contracts, you will find them in the drop down menu. If you want to create a new contract click 'Create new contract'

For a contract, we'll need a Contract Name and Token Symbol.

💢 Note: Once your contract is created these cannot be changed



Contract Name

This is the name of your contract that appears on Etherscan/ Polygonscan and marketplaces.

Maximum 21 characters

Token Symbol

This is your token identifier metadata to help you identify your NFT in Etherscan/Polygonscan.

Maximum 6 characters


A short description to help you distinguish between different contracts - this does not appear on the blockchain

What is a custom contract?

  • A custom contract is a smart contract for minting your NFTs. The contract provides clear provenance from you to your collector and groups your NFTs together.

How should I use the custom contract?

  • It's up to you! If you work with multiple creators you might want to create a contract for each creator. If you are an individual creator, you could create a contract for each NFT collection.

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Add products to your drop

Select the products you want to include in your drop. All these products will be minted on the same contract, you can think of them being part of the same collection.

When you select browse products, you'll be able to view the full list of all the products in your store. These products should be added to your store as you would any other Shopify product.

If the product is digital, make sure you don't check ‘This is a physical product’ on the Shopify product details form.

Select your royalties

Setting royalties enables you to earn a percentage on secondary sales. Whether you receive royalties will depend on which marketplace the NFT is resold on.

To create a new contract click 'Create new royalty split'

The Verisart Shopify app allows you to divide royalties between an unlimited number of recipients. Verisart receives 1% of the gross sale price on secondary sales. This is added automatically to all your royalty splits

Give your royalty split a name

The name is designed to help you identify different splits within the app.

Add your recipients

You'll need to add a name, their wallet address and the % of secondary sales they will receive.

Your authorized creators automatically appear on the list of recipients but you can also add new recipients by clicking 'Add new'.

📍Please note that these royalty splitters work when purchases are made in native currencies such as ETH and MATIC and will not work with ERC 20 tokens like wrapped ETH. We currently working on supporting additional currencies.

Enhance your drop

Collector rewards

Drag and drop a file to include it as a collector reward with each of the NFTs in your drop.

You can also set collector rewards for individual NFTs by editing the product in the Verisart app.

Give buyers exclusive access to products

You can set up a tokengate to allow customers who own NFTs from the drop to access exclusive products.

5. Review your NFT products

If the information on your product is incomplete, you'll see an error message at the top of te drop page.

Scroll down to the product list and edit the product that need review.

6. Secondary sales on OpenSea

Once your first NFT has been minted, you NEED to configure your royalties on OpenSea to receive royalties from secondary sales on that marketplace.

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