Certificate privacy controls
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Private vs public certificates

Enhanced privacy settings are available to paid plans

When creating certificates, your certificates can be set to either public or private mode using the 'Privacy Preference' in the 'Create Certificate Form' available on your dashboard. The default privacy preference is set to 'Public' meaning the certificate is visible to everyone.

To change settings on certificates already created, choose certificate from dashboard,

Click the pencil icon to edit the certificate and simply click between 'Public' or 'Private under 'Privacy preference'

Public Certificate

Private certificate

  • Visible to everyone with access to the URL.

  • Displays information about the item and the creator.

  • Owner information is not disclosed.

  • Invisible to everyone except the owner.

  • No information about the item or the creator is exposed

  • Owner information is not disclosed.

  • Anyone with access to the URL for a 'Private Certificate' sees a generic 'Private record' as seen below.

View of a private certificate if the user does not own the certificate

Adjusting privacy settings

Public certificates can be customized according to your privacy requirements. You can add private images, files, notes and unlockable rewards only visible to the owner.

To add private content, navigate to the final section of your certificate form, 'Enhance'

Scroll down and you'll find the 'Private content & unlockable rewards', there you can inlcude anything you wish to appear as private, everything in this field is optional.

You can add private:

  • Additional files: Share any private files or images exclusive only to the owner of the certificate.

  • Private notes: Share private information about the work and the creator, viewable only by the owner of the certificate.

  • Private inventory number: If you prefer to privatize the inventory number, include it here.

Unlockable rewards

Accessible only through the 'Mint NFT' form.

  • Unlockable rewards are accessible only through the 'Mint NFT' form. These rewards refer to exclusive content for the owner of the certified NFT, and only current and future owners of the certified NFT can unlock the reward.

Certificate Display: If an unlockable reward is added, the certificate will indicate this feature. When the certificate is viewed by users who are not the owner, the unlockable reward will be hidden.

Reward Access: The reward is unlocked when the owner logs in with their wallet or email address.

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