You can easily certify editions directly in the ‘Create certificate’ form.

1. Fill in the creator or maker's name and the artwork or object details.

2. Fill in the edition information under the 'Edition' section

Select one of the following options:

  • Single Edition

  • Single AP (Artist Proof)

  • Mulitple (only available to Premium and Business members)

  • No edition

Fill out the relevant edition details:

  • Edition number

  • Edition volume

  • AP number

  • AP volume

Creating certificates for multiple editions

Premium or Business members can instantly create certificates for multiple editions.

In the edition details:

  • Indicate the specific edition numbers or artist proof numbers separated by commas eg. 7, 12, 24

  • Indicate the range of editions or artist proofs eg. 1-10

  • For unnumbered editions, provide the edition volume and write "-1" under edition number

Please note: Editions can not be edited once they have been saved.

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