Before you're ready to set up NFTs in Shopify you will need:

  • A verified creator

Here is a guide on how to set up a verified creator,

Add your products as you would any other Shopify product

If the product is just digital, make sure you have not checked ‘This is a physical product’.

Add NFTs to a drop

  • Go to the 'NFTs' tab

  • Select an existing drop to add a product to or create a new drop from scratch

Review NFT products

You can access the NFT form in two ways:

Edit NFTs from the drop view

Go to the 'NFTs' tab, find the drop containing the product and click 'Edit'

Scroll down to the product list and click 'Edit' on the NFT product you want to change

Access NFTs information from the Product Page

Select a product from your product list, select "More actions" and click "Edit in Verisart".

Review all the NFT Metadata

Select a creator

The creator will need to have verified their identity and granted permission for you to create NFTs on their behalf.

Edit the media file, title and description

By default, the Verisart App will pull in information included on your product such as title, media file, and description.

You're free to make changes to all these fields as you see fit!

Including the production year is optional

Add any edition information

If you’re selling a limited edition make sure to set the inventory number to match the edition volume.

Add collector rewards

Drag and drop a file to include it as a collector reward. The file will only be accessible to owners of the NFT.

They'll be able to download the file when viewing the NFT from within the NFT dashboard in your store.

Add traits

You can add traits to describe your NFT and give it rarity levels.

Each trait needs the following information:

  • Trait Type: What is the trait? ex. Eyes, Background, Clothes etc.

  • Value: Value of the trait. ex. Black, Purple, Tanktop

Hit save!

Your product is now ready to be minted when it is purchased.

💢 NFTs on the Verisart app are lazy minted. This means they are created on the blockchain at the point-of-purchase or point-of-fulfilment. If you are minting on Ethereum you will need to ensure the minting wallet has enough ETH for the minting

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