Accept creator authorization requests
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Before allowing galleries and businesses to create certificates on your behalf you will need to give them the authorization to do so.

Why do I have to grant a gallery/business authorization?

At Verisart we believe it is vital to protect creators and their identity. By asking you to authorize the gallery to create Certificates of Authenticity we ensure you know how your certificates are being created.

You only need to grant authorization once and each certificate will be signed with your digital signature.

After receiving an Authorization request there are few easy steps for you to follow

1. Click on the email you’ve received from Verisart

  • Click “Review Request”

2. Sign up or log in to a Verisart account

3. Review the information submitted by the gallery

  • Review the information submitted by the gallery

  • Upload a signature image (optional)

  • Verify your identity

Why do I need to verify your identity?

  • We take the protection of creators and their identity very seriously

  • We verify your identity to ensure the creator themselves is granting the authorization request

4. Keep track of your authorizations in the "Creators" Tabs

  • Keep track of the galleries and businesses you've authorized to create Certificates of Authenticity on your behalf in the Creators tab.

  • You will be able to see the number of certificates galleries are creating on your behalf.

5. Revoking authorization

  • You can always revoke an authorization at any point

  • Click on the "+" icon

  • Click "revoke"

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