Yes! and the Verisart Shopify app are designed to work together.

You will be able to see all the certificates issued through the Shopify store in your Verisart dashboard with a single sign-on.

Through you can:

  • Keep track of issued certificates

  • Issue certificate for creations or product not sold through Shopify

  • Add creators you represent (Business plan)

If you have an existing Verisart account

When you are setting up your account, choose the "I already have a Verisart account" option. You will be redirected to Once you've logged in with your existing details, your existing account will be linked to your Shopify Store. Certificates that are created from your Store will appear on your dashboard. You can also share customizations across Verisart and your Shopify Store.

If you are new to Verisart

You can create an account through Shopify.

How do I log in to if I subscribed to a plan on Shopify?

If you need to access the dashboard on Verisart you can access it by clicking on "" under the creator tab.

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