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Customize certificates on Shopify
Customize certificates on Shopify

Customize certificates via the Shopify App

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Customization is only available to paid plans.
You cannot have more than one certificate customization per store.

Certificate customization lets you add your branding to your certificates (view examples of customized certificates).

Certificate customization

How to Customize:

1. Access customization settings

  • Go to the Verisart Shopify app and select the 'Customization' tab.

2 . Open customization form: The certificate customization form is immediately visible.

3. Create a new template:

  • Click 'Add new template' under 'Default template'.

  • Name your template.

4. Logo customization:

  • Upload your logo: Recommended size is 50px x 300px. Acceptable formats are .png or .jpg, file size under 30MB.

  • Make logo clickable: Link your logo to any website by pasting the URL under 'Link'.

5. Background and Subheading:

  • Customize background: Opt for a personalized background on your PDF certificate. Recommended size is 900px x 1500px, in .png or .jpg format, under 30MB

  • Add a Subheading: This will appear on both digital and PDF certificates.

6. Save Changes: Click 'Save'. All issued certificates will now include your customizations.

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