If the products you're selling have an identified artist, creator or maker, then you'll need to link them to your Store's account. This ensures that your certificates clearly show the maker's name. If you are selling products under a business name, you can skip this step.

For individual creators

If you're an individual artist, creator or maker selling products that you make yourself, do the following:

  • Go to the Creators tab in the App

  • Click the link to Manage Creators on Verisart.com

  • You'll be redirected to Verisart.com. Select Add Creator > Myself. This brings up the Add New Creator form.

  • Complete the form including your identity verification. If your details match, then you're all set and ready to go.

If your details don't match, for example, if your legal name is different from the artist name you use publicly, then we need to manually approve you. This normally takes a few hours, but it may take a bit longer over a weekend or during busy times. We'll email you when the review is done or if we need more information.

If you're in a hurry to get approved, chat with us at the Help Center.

Even if we're still reviewing your details, you can start creating certificates.

For businesses who represent creators

If you're a business who represents creators, you'll need to subscribe to our Business plan to access the Creator Management module which allows you to link one or more artists to your account. Verisart allows you to request permission from creators to issues Certificates of Authenticity on their behalf.

Once you've subscribed to the Business Plan through Shopify (contact us at support@verisart.com for a free trial or discount code if you'd like to try it out before subscribing), go to the Creators tab on Verisart. Select "Add Creator > Represented Creator".

The first time you add a Represented Creator, you'll be asked to verify your identity and provide your business details. We review these before allowing you to contact artists.

An owner or senior manager from the business should complete identity verification.

Complete the details for the artist you want to represent (and sell products for in your store).

You'll see a message that says we're reviewing your details. This normally takes a few hours, but may take up to 2 business days during busy times.

Once completed, your account is approved; you can send requests to creators and won't be asked again to verify your details.

For more information on adding creators, you might find these Help Center articles useful

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