Verisart’s minting is all about flexibility and we offer creators the choice to mint on the Verisart contract or create their own custom contract.

What is the Verisart Contract?

The Verisart Contract is managed by Verisart and other creators can also mint NFTs on this contract.

If you choose to mint on Ethereum NFTs the Verisart contract you will just need to cover the gas fees for minting the work (Polygon NFTs are free to mint on all our paid plans).

The royalties will be fixed for OpenSea but you can set your own royalties for Rarible.

What is a Custom Contract?

With Verisart Minting you can easily create your own custom contracts, providing one home for all your NFTs or a specific project and a direct provenance from you to your collector.

Custom contracts are available on our Individual Premium and Pro plans and all our Business plans (compare plans here).

Read our guide to creating a custom contract

Why create a custom contract?

  • Have complete ownership and full control - only you can mint on the contract

  • Choose your own contract name and token ID

  • Each NFT gets minted with your branded token ID

  • Manage Royalties on OpenSea

  • Manage the contract details on other marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible

Custom contrasts on Polygon: The gas fees for creating a custom contract on Polygon are covered by Verisart.

Custom contracts on Ethereum: The gas fees for deploying your own custom contract on the Ethereum blockchain generally cost around 0.2 - 0.5 ETH. Please note the price of deploying a custom contract can vary significantly due to gas fees fluctuating depending on the amount of activity on the blockchain at the time. We recommend checking gas fees before deploying the contract.

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