Once an NFT has been created, the metadata is frozen and cannot be edited. Make sure you review all the information carefully before minting.

You can continue to edit the certificate for your NFT if you want to provide additional context about your work.

How do I delete my NFT?

You can burn an NFT by transferring it to the zero address. Here's how you can do that on OpenSea.

  1. Log in to OpenSea using the wallet that owns the NFT

  2. Go to the NFT you would like to delete

  3. Click on the transfer button (the paper plan)

  4. Enter the burn address for OpenSea: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

  5. Confirm the transfer

Once the NFT has been transferred, it can never be recovered. Transferring the NFT to the zero address sends it to an inaccessible wallet.

After you've deleted the NFT, you can contact support@verisart.com if you would like us to delete the corresponding certificate.

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