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Which blockchain should I use?
Updated this week

Verisart currently offers the ability to mint for Ethereum, Base, and Polygon (formerly MATIC Network).

Before deciding which blockchain to use, it's helpful to think about your selling strategy to ensure a smooth process from creation to sale.

Below is a comparison of the Ethereum, Base, and Polygon blockchains.






The most popular blockchain for NFTs

Layer two solution on Ethereum

Layer two solution

Community acceptance

Widely recognized and known in the NFT community

Recognized, but less established than Ethereum

Well known but less popular than Ethereum

Marketplace options

Extensive marketplace options

Limited compared to Ethereum

Extensive marketplace options

Transaction costs

Higher minting costs due to gas fees

Medium minting costs due to gas fees

Free when minting on Verisart

Transaction speed

Moderate transaction speed

Faster due to batch processing

Moderate transaction speed

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