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Link the physical and digital
About our secure printed products
About our secure printed products
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Linking the physical and digital

Connect physical assets with NFTs or certificates of authenticity. Give customers a premium experience and upgrade your COA to a COA+ (our highest level of confidence).

Our secure linking solutions are designed to:

  • Link physical works to digital certificates

  • Link NFTs to physical works

Order secure QR stickers and certificates here

Secure QR stickers

Create a link between your physical creation and your certificate.

  • Secure, holographic QR code

  • Tamperproof

  • Unique serial number

Holographic Printed Certificate

Please note: We do not print Holographic certificates for Registered records. Please click here to learn more about our certificate status.

Get a beautifully designed holographic certificate delivered to your door. You can order your certificate directly from your certificate page.

  • Includes 7 different security features

  • Printed on 120gsm paper

  • Iris watermark & strip hologram

  • Invisible UV printing & heat-sensitive ink squares

  • Unique serial number

How to order your certificate

Log in to your Verisart account (you can create a free collector account here) and find the certificate you want to order a printed version of.

In the certificate view, click 'Buy printed COA' and proceed to check out.

Bulk orders and customizations

If you want to order our holographic certificate paper stock in bulk or customize your secure QR stickers, complete the order form.

Customization options include adding custom text or your logo. The typical turnaround time is 4 weeks.

When will I receive my Printed Product order?

Our estimated shipping times for holographic certificates and secure QR stickers are:

North America: 1-2 weeks

Europe: 2 weeks

Worldwide: 3 weeks

For expedited shipping, please get in touch.

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